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SF Licenses
The Medical Outcomes Trust (MOT), Health Assessment Lab (HAL) and QualityMetric Incorporated, co-copyright holders of all SF-36®, SF-12® and SF-8™ Health Surveys, have merged their licensing and user registration programs, with the objectives of simplifying licensing and user registration and better meeting the needs of the many new academic, commercial, and other licensees.

The fastest way to renew a current license or obtain a new license is to complete and submit the License Application Form available at Licensing & User Registration. The information you provide will help to determine the license or user registration program that is best for you and/or your organization.

Goals for the licensing and user registration programs remain unchanged:
(1) to maintain the scientific standards for surveys and scoring algorithms that make results directly comparable and interpretable and

(2) to make surveys available at a discounted rate to individuals and organizations for academic research.
The new merged programs also assure that those individuals and organizations that benefit from commercial uses of the intellectual property pay royalties or other user fees that will support the research community that made the original surveys possible. These fees will also be available to support the work of the MOT Scientific Advisory Committee, which develops and applies scientific standards in evaluating health outcomes measures, and will make it possible to offer discounts to students worldwide.

Read more information on Licensing & User Registration.

SF Manuals
No library of reference materials about the outcomes movement of the past twenty years should be without a complete set of the SF Manuals. For more information, follow the links below for more information:

SF-12® / SF-36® Combination Reference Kit
SF-36® Health Survey Reference Kit
SF-12v2™ Health Survey Reference Kit
How to Score Version 2 of the SF-36® Health Survey
How to Score Version 2 of the SF-12® Health Survey
A Manual for Users of the SF-8™ Health Survey

Online Scoring Service
Do you have a drawer full of SF-36® or SF-12® Health Surveys and are looking for a quick and easy way to score them? Read more about our Online Scoring Service

SF Multimedia Video Series
The award-winning multimedia education series, Understanding Health Outcomes, is an outstanding resource for learning teaching yourself and others about this important health field. This educational series is approved for Category 1 CME from the Tufts University School of Medicine. For more information on the various video and Study Guide segments available, follow the link below.

Understanding Health Outcomes: A Multimedia Educational Series

SF Translations
The SF-36® has been translated into more than 50 different languages. Information about theses translations is available from the International Quality of Life Assessment (IQOLA) program of the Health Assessment Lab (HAL), in Boston, Massachusetts.

For information on SF Translations

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